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Awards for super staff

Brad Hale (left) receives award for Most Determined Person

Jee’s annual team day had a surprise item on the agenda: staff recognition awards, voted by the staff for the staff. Nomination cards were handed out in the morning of the team day, to be completed by 4pm. The awards were then presented by Trevor Jee, Managing Director, to the astonished winners. They were:

Brad Hale, Senior engineer, voted Most Determined Person

Brad scooped the Most Determined Person award for his ‘relentless project management and conscientious work ethic,’ for ‘the way he works hard and enjoys himself’, and for the way he is ‘resolute in doing the most sensible, reasonable thing to get the best results for the client.’

Laura Duncan, Office administrator for the Aberdeen office, voted Best Team Player

Laura was credited with having a great ‘can-do attitude,’ ‘able to make everyone feel welcome’ and is ‘always thinking of others’.

Cara Low, Courses coordinator, voted Most Helpful Person

According to the nominations, Cara is ‘always willing to lend a hand,’ ‘happy to sort out any request’ and on top of that, ‘fun to talk to on the phone.’


On receiving the award, Brad said “I am amazed, and I really appreciate it, too.” Cara commented; “I’m pleased and really appreciate it!” And Best team player Laura Duncan was also thrilled; “It’s the first award I’ve won since uni. It’s great.”

The Jee Staff recognition awards will now become an annual fixture in the Jee calendar.

Laura Duncan (right) voted Best Team Player

Cara Low (left), officially the Most Helpful Person at Jee!


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