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Graduate engineer in the spotlight

Graduate Chris Fisher joined Jee straight from completing his engineering degree at Southampton University.   

What attracted you to working at Jee?
I was really excited when I read about the graduate position with Jee, as I felt it would be an amazing opportunity to work in an area that is becoming more and more important.  knew work at Jee would be exciting, constantly changing and challenging. Additionally, Jee places a great deal of emphasis on training and chartership, which was very important to me.
How has your first week/ few weeks been?
I have had a constant stream of different tasks to work on, which has helped me better understand the industry and familiarise myself withits terms and practises. I have also been on a training course in Aberdeen, which was extremely interesting and enjoyable!
What have you been involved in so far?
 The main project I have worked on was an emergency preparedness strategy, which assessed the state of preparedness of the clients assets in case of a failure, looked at the risks of failure, and suggested ways these risks could be reduced. I have also worked on a pipeline integrity management strategy for corrosion control, and performed other duties such as checking calculations and FEA results and helping prepare slides for courses and presentations. I am currently involved in an overtrawlability study of subsea equipment, which will lead to a trip to Denmark to perform tests!
What are you looking forward to working on?
I am extremely interested in sustainable energy technologies. I know that Jee has performed some work in this area, for example in offshore wind farms and carbon capture and storage. I am eager to get some experience in this area.


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